Gregory Beacham

A voice like liquid gold

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About Greg

I'm a natural bass with a powerful, resonant, and warm voice. My delivery style has been described as believable, friendly, fun, and hip. I've also been told I sound like a best friend or buddy. Those that I have done some training with have suggested my vocal age range be from 25 to 45. It's also been advised that I pursue voice work in Promo, Narration, Commercial, Radio Imaging, and Trailers.

Though I am a new voice talent I have been a musician for a great part of my life. I have played under the direction of a conductor for years and I have experience directing myself as well. The nuances of tempo, rhythm, pitch, dynamics, and style are all deeply ingrained in my approach to anything creative. I have spent a lifetime shaping music and bringing it to life and I'm blessed with the opportunity to do the same with words.

I also bring years of business professionalism to this creative field of work as I have had to sharpen skills to provide for my family for years now. Skills like relationship building, follow-up, and follow-through, can make or break any endeavor. I understand as fun and subjective this work is, that it is still business and jobs need to be done proficiently, efficiently, and with open communication. That is why I had my sound engineer build a studio in my home to get projects done clean and quick.

My goal is to be one of the greats in the industry and I hope you will be one to help me get there.


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